• Andy Paulucio

5 Signs Your Date Isn’t Really Into You

Sometimes it can be hard to know when someone isn’t interested in us, and if we don’t know what to look out for, we can easily miss out on the cues. In this guide, we will go through five signs that may indicate that your date isn’t so interested in you.

1. They check their phone. You are out on a date with someone you are interested in, everything seems to be going ok, but suddenly they take out their phone to interact with it.

Whether they are checking for new messages or the latest feed in their social media account, it is a strong sign they might not be into you. It gets worse if they don’t bother to excuse themselves when doing it.

A different case would be if your date had already specified that they are waiting for an important call or update.

But if they are just doing it out of spite, then you might want to reconsider ending things early.

2. They will leave early. Another undeniable sign is when your date must leave earlier than expected because they failed to mention they have something else to do or perhaps something has come up.

Some people might find it challenging to confront awkward situations, so they resort to using this type of white lie. It is best to take the hint at that moment and not question it.

If they happen to be telling the truth and are genuinely interested in you, they would likely make it up to you.

3. Lack of engagement. Some people have a laid-back personality and might not like to talk much or display strong emotions towards things that excite them. So it is easy to mistake it for lack of interest.

But when someone is not interested in you, they may seem distracted, to the point that you might have to repeat yourself because they were not listening.

They might give you short and shallow responses. And they might not display interest in wanting to know more about you.

If you find yourself in a scenario like this, it would be wise to reconsider giving your time to those who appreciate it.

4. Their body language is off. The body never lies. Some of the most apparent cues you could keep an eye on are displayed unconsciously through the body.

For instance, do you see them looking at their watch? This could imply they want to leave.

Do they sometimes look away while you are talking to them? A sign of disinterest.

Are they fidgeting their feet, hands, or fingers? A sign of feeling uneasy.

Is their body leaning away from you? Do they have a closed body posture (e.g., arms crossed or holding on to an object, like a bag, in between you and them)?

Context matters. Some people may be too anxious, or the place you are in is stressful, triggering some of these cues. You could try moving to a different location or changing the topic, but if the cues persist or worsen, you might want to reconsider wrapping it up.

5. They are keeping things friendly. There can be times when the person you are on a date with is not interested in you but displays warm, friendly behavior.

The way you would notice this is in the types of topics they would discuss.

When your date isn’t interested in you, they will shift the focus away from them.

They will also avoid touching upon any idea that could imply the development of an intimate relationship between you and them (e.g., discussing plans for the next date).

They will most likely avoid being flirtatious and breaking the touch barrier.

They might refrain from giving you specific compliments (e.g., you have very beautiful eyes), but they might give you general compliments (e.g., you seem like a nice person).

If you happen to be on a date that turns into a friendly meetup, just make the best of it. It is always nice to make a new friend.

Just a quick reminder, everybody is different. Some people may be dealing with their personal issues, which may affect how they behave with you. Be grateful for the time they set aside to meet you. If things don’t work out, you could try seeing it as an experience from which you can learn something. I hope this helps!